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5 Chic Shoes for Campus Comfort

Nikes, Adidas, Nikes, Adidas. These are the only shoes I see strolling through campus. I’ll vouch that they are the king and queen of comfort but it becomes a fad when the whole student body is just alternating between the two. There are so many adorable ways you can strut around campus in comfort and style. I found the perfect balance of not looking like you’re trying too hard but also stepping outside the box. Here are just a few of my top picks for this spring:

1. Slip-On Sneakers: Not only are these adorable for spring with the different types of colors they come in but also look oh so comfy. You’re bringing comfy chic to campus, well kind of. These would be perfect to pair with a jeans skirt or even an oversized t-shirt dress.

2. Ankle Tie Espadrilles: Who doesn’t love themselves a pair of espadrilles, set yourself up with a pair of cute ankle tie-up ones. Even if you were in the mood to dress to impress, you can do it in comfort. These are a must for your spring campus wardrobe.

3. Unique Sneakers: From satin and velvet sneakers to avant garde sneakers, you can specify your style effortlessly with a specific pair of unique sneakers. These are perfect when you’re running late to class and gripping your Starbucks latte for dear life while you brisk walk. 

4. Flats: If you need to look business professional because you have an appointment with your professor to convince her why you deserve an “A,” throw on any pair of flats. You can pair these with almost anything and you’ll go from a hot mess to actually put together. You’re welcome.

5. Cutout Booties: The good thing about booties is you can wear them year round and almost anywhere. When you forget to get a pedicure, booties are your lifesavers. You can go from suede and cutout to leather and studded. Plus, they’re extremely comfy even with a mini heel. 

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