5 On-Campus Date Ideas

What can you do when you’re too poor to go out on the town for a date, but you’re also way over the standard “Netflix and Chill?” You can stay on campus! Believe it or not, SMU has some pretty adorable date spots that you can get to without leaving the school grounds.

1. Coffee Date 

Is there anything better than sharing a cup of coffee together on a cold spring morning? Not really. A coffee date is perfect when you don’t have enough time to commit to a full meal. 

Courtesy of SMU

2. Museum Tour

Show off your classy, artistic and sophisticated side by paying a visit to the Meadows museum. You can check out some of the best pieces of Spanish art currently housed in America, pose for adorable pictures and the best part is- SMU students get in for free!


Image via SMU


3. Picnic Party

At SMU we love to joke about all of our fountains and eternally green grass, but have you ever stopped to consider how great a spot those places are for a picnic? Grab some sushi from the Market, a snuggly blanket from your dorm room, pick a nice spot outside and just enjoy being out in nature together.


Image via SMU


4. See a Show

With the amount of talent coming from the Meadows performing arts students, it’s almost certain that on any given week there’s a concert, show or performance you can go to. So hold hands with your date and go see some extremely talented people.

Image via Tumblr

5. Study Buddies

As much fun as having a partner in college is, the real point of being here is to get an education. So why not combine the two? Whether you’re quizzing each other, proofreading papers or just snuggling while you read another chapter in your textbook, being able to grow intellectually with your partner will strengthen your relationship (and your G.P.A.!).