5 Apps to Make Your Friday Nights Easier

Photo via Unsplash 


Nothing sucks the fun out of an event quite like poor planning. That being said, event planning can be stressful, and stress is the last thing you need polluting your weekend. Here are some apps that can help your nights out go as smoothly as possible!


1. Poll

In college everyone is impossibly busy. Add this to the fact that there are seemingly infinite options when it comes to things to do in Dallas and planning an outing can get hectic very quickly. Poll is an app that allows you to take a survey in any group chat. You and your friends can use this to decide what kind of food your group wants, what restaurant you want to go to, what date and times work best for everyone, etc. 


2. Maps

In addition to giving you directions, Maps has a less used feature in the most recent update. If you have multiple transportation apps, like Lyft and Uber, Maps will pull the price information into a new tab called “ride.” After you type in your location and hit directions, the ride tab offers you the price point and wait times for several different apps and car sizes, saving you from having to open each app individually.


3. Venmo

Friendship etiquette requires you to pay back your friends almost immediately. Venmo allows you to connect your account to a card or bank account and instantly deposits money from your account into your friend’s or vice versa, no need to cash out or factor in a fee.


4. Tapingo

Tapingo is a relatively new app on SMU's campus, having been introduced this semester. It's an app that lets you order ahead from several places on campus, and during your night out, that place will most likely be Mac's Place. You can place your order without waiting in line, and it will be ready right when you arrive, streamlining your whole night.  


5. TapRide

If you’ve been on your feet all night, the last thing you want to do is walk all the way back to your dorm. If you download TapRide, you can summon a golf cart to your location, so you don’t fall asleep standing up and you can get to your bed as soon as possible.