40 Things at SMU that are Scarier than Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to celebrate all things spooky. However, with all the talk about horror movies and monsters, we forget that we have some freaky sights right here on SMU's campus. Here are 40 things on SMU campus that are, in my humble opinion, way scarier than anything you'll see on Halloween. 

                                                                                Picture via Pexels

  1. Game day parking.
  2. The line at Mac’s Place at 9pm.
  3. The line at Umph at 12pm.
  4. Freshmen chem.
  5. Organic chem.
  6. Randomly being blasted by the sprinklers.
  7. Randomly being blasted by the sprinkles during the 24 Hour Musical.
  8. Peruna biting your hand.
  9. Peruna murdering another school’s mascot.
  10. Peruna trampling his handlers.
  11. Peruna being missing from a football game.
  12. Tuition hikes.
  13. Random power outages.
  14. Evacuations due to random power outages.
  15. Having to buy new groceries due to random power outages.
  16.  Class registration.
  17. When Fondy Starbucks is closed.
  18. When the registers in the dining halls go down.
  19. Accidentally getting caught in the Bid Day Run.
  20. Financial aid.
  21. Letters/emails asking you to donate even more money to SMU.
  22. Community bathrooms.
  23. Flooding residence halls.
  24. Moldy residence halls.
  25. 6am dorm fire drills.
  26. 6am actual dorm fires.
  27. Seeing your RA at a frat party.
  28. Getting trampled at Midnight Market.
  29. Fondren during finals week.
  30. Getting lost in Meadows.
  31. Being underdressed in Cox.
  32. Tour groups.
  33. The package line at Hughes Trigg.
  34. Running out of flex.
  35. Getting attacked by the Cox Fox.
  36. Figuring out the UC requirements.
  37. Boulevarding sober.
  38. The bathroom in the basement of Dallas Hall.
  39. Having to be on your best behavior on Parents’ Weekend.
  40.  Our student body’s inability to include and value students of diverse backgrounds.