4 Things you need in your #FinalsSurvivalKit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Thank goodness HC supplied its staff writers with another #SurvivalKit, I don’t know how we would’ve made it through finals week without our favorite items.

Snuggling up with a Vera Bradley blanket, Sorel water bottle and HC-stickered laptop. Photo by CarleeAnn Allen.

1. Chipotle BOGO cards

When there’s no time to cook and Umph sounds repulsive, we had had a bogo deal with Chipotle. It’s safe to say that everybody wants to be a Her Campus girl, or at least friends with her, now.

2. Proactiv Solution Kit

Finals mean stress. Stress means breakouts. The Proactiv Solution kit is keeping breakouts at bay and our skin soft and clear.

3. TRESemmé Expert Selection Perfectly (un)Done

Everybody knows that finals week isn’t the prettiest week, so TRESemmé’s sea salt spray is the go-to on days when we don’t have time to do our hair. We get beachy waves without having to try!

4. Vera Bradely Blanket

It's perfect for keeping warm during an all night study sesh and taking a power nap between writing papers!