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4 Parent-friendly Family Weekend activities

Family Weekend is coming up! In addition to all of the events planned, its always nice to have something up your sleeve for the inevitable “what do you want to do tonight?” question. Here are four ideas for fun things to do this Family Weekend:

1. Check out the George W. Bush Presidential Library. It's super unique to have a presidential library within walking distance of our campus, why not take advantage of that this weekend? Even if museums aren’t typically your thing, you can walk around for a little bit and get something to eat at Café 43, where the menu features both brunch and dessert options. Plus admission is free for SMU students with a student ID.


Courtesy of George W. Bush Presidential Library

2. Top Golf is super close and fun for every skill level. They have great food and drink options and it’s an easy place to catch up. If you’ve never been, Top Golf is like a mixture of a driving range and skeeball. You basically hit a golf ball and try to get it as close to one of the targets as possible, each target having a different point value.


Courtesy of Top Golf

3. Typical SMU student things. Your parents want to see what you’ve been up to so far this semester, why not start with your favorite shops and restaurants? Diggs Tacos, The Impeccable Pig, really anything that’s stood out to you this semester.

4. Shopping. There are so many amazing stores in Dallas and parents weekend is the perfect time to explore them all! NorthPark Center has stores for every taste and window-shopping in Highland Park Village is great! And its always fun to wear something you got during a mother-daughter shopping trip and remember what a fabulous day you had! 


Courtesy of Highland Park Village

Feature Image: Courtesy of SMU Student Foundation

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