4 Creative Documentaries to Watch on Your Next Study Break

All documentaries are a piece of art in themselves. They all strive to tell a story from an angle that no one has ever seen before. Some writers say it is better to 'show' then merely 'tell' and these documentaries using the moving image to prove how important 'showing' can be. 

For the Fashionista: "The First Monday in May"


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This is for all the girls who have watched the "Devil Wears Prada" multiple times. Who perhaps memorized some lines. Who potentially have subscriptions to both the print magazine Vogue and Vogue on Snapchat. For those of you who know the "Devil Wears Prada" was based on the real-life Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, this documentary is for you. Or you know if you love the glitz and glamour of the high fashion world. Or if you just like pretty clothes with pretty people. The documentary is centered around the construction of the Met Gala in New York. The film does a fantastic job portraying how this particular event helped showcase Anna Wintour’s talent and dedication to the world of couture, as well as how this exhibit helped to revive the love of arts at the Met.

For the Dancer: "A Ballerina’s Tale"


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Admit it, you wanted to be a prima ballerina at some point in your life. We all did, the only difference is how long we lasted taking classes. Even thought most of us never continued to dance past the age of 6, Misty Copeland didn’t being dancing until the age of 13, unheard of for really any girl who wants to be a professional ballet dancer. And yet only a few years later, she moved on to the premier ballet company in the US- the American Ballet Theatre Company in New York- to prove the world that an African-American woman can become a principal dancer at the most competitive stage in a dancer’s career. Things weren’t always easy for Misty, as the documentary certainly shows, but the truth behind the camera lens is quite clear: Misty Copeland is a genuinely honest, optimistic woman who stops at nothing to chase her dreams. She kind of reminds me of Wonder Woman, now that I mention it….

For the Concert Goer: "This Was Tomorrow"


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Woodstock was only the beginning. Coachella is our playground, but there are so many other festivals to attend; this is the story of one such festival, called Tomorrowland. While it started out in Belgium, over the years it has grown to another location in Brazil. This documentary tells the story of both the travelers who have come from all over the world to see this event, to the workers who create the fantastic stages, to the DJ’s who work the event. For any concert goer this a must-watch. Maybe it will bring back memories of past concert experiences or even inspire you to attend a music festival this year! The least it will do is remind you of all the fun people can have when they come together to listen to music and host a giant party.

For the Art Dreamer: "Abstract: The Art of Design"


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Whether you took an art class in high school or you can’t even draw a stick figure, if you love art, you MUST watch this show. While it is a documentary, we have been blessed with the fact that it is a series with multiple episodes that tell the stories of artists with the most remarkable artistic careers. The editing and cinematography of this documentary is a piece of art itself. The artists add their own style to each episode and you can’t help but fall down the rabbit hole to watch each episode in one sitting. From a footwear designer (creator of Air Jordan’s, the most popular athletic sneaker ever made), to a professional stage designer (she worked with both Beyoncé for a concert tour and Benedict Cumberbatch for his performance of Hamlet), this documentary has everything. Each artist is a leading creative in their field, who practically reinvented the industry of whatever art form they use to tell their stories. Their personal lives are just as richly painted as their professions and it’s clear to see how these visionaries achieve their success.