4 of the Best Restaurants on Knox-Henderson

Tired of the dining halls? Feeling like exploring around SMU? Whether you’re looking for a cute brunch spot for girl’s weekend or a casual dinner out, the Knox-Henderson area of Highland Park has all you need. It’s just an Uber ride away, or, if you’re feeling fit, about a mile down the Katy Trail.


Okay, it looks better at night, I promise. If you’re into queso and casual, this is the spot for you! Located just past the Apple store, this Chuy’s is known for its loud atmosphere, margaritas and endless chips and salsa. Chuy’s is perfect for a quick bite before hitting the club or as a study break before retreating back to Fondren. My personal favorite from here is anything ending in taco or the delicious steak fajitas.

Toulouse & Taverna 

At Toulouse, not only is the brunch on point, but the hanger steak and authentic pomme frites are personally responsible for my last five pounds of weight gain. The menu is diverse and features several French dishes that make it classy in a way that never goes out of style. Plus, it’s located right off the Katy Trail if you need to walk off a meal. Taverna is the sister restaurant to Toulouse and caters more to the Italian side. Its brunch is more lunch than breakfast, but the pizza is tough to beat. If you’re leaning towards pasta, I suggest the house made lasagna. It is literally the smoothest and most decadent lasagna I have ever consumed... Or you can go all in with the short rib and gnocchi. Both of these places would be great for a date night or if you feel like treating yourself after a tough week.


My biggest pet peeve is that the dining halls think we only want breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. It’s a crime. What I love about Kozy is the warm and inviting atmosphere and the fact that breakfast goes until 3 p.m.  What’s also great about this spot is its large variety of gluten free options for all my celiac readers out there and a comfortable, relaxed vibe. After a long night out I prefer the French toast or a simple salad for lunch.

All images via Katie Keenan