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3 Tips for combination skin

Combination skin can be hard to handle, especially if you don’t know what it even is or if you actually have it. If you are acne prone, but also have dry skin or a dry patches, you have combination skin. If one area of your face (nose, chin, forehead) gets really oily, while the other parts are dry as a dessert, you have combination skin. If your skin changes from oily to dry throughout the day, you have combination skin. Combination skin can be difficult because none of the products on the market are targeted at combo skin, while it seems every prodcts on the market is aimed at oily or dry skin. Some of these prodcucts aimed at oily or dry skin might even make your combination skin worse. Below are some simple tips from someone who suffers from combination skin.

1. Use a targeted acne treatment

Using a targeted acne treatment, rather than an all over drying treatment, will prevent those naturally dry areas on your face from becoming even more dry, but it will also help treat those stubborn pimples and acne. Mario Badescu’s Special Healing Powder, is the best product to dry out the areas that you actually want dry, and will calm and disinfect the area that it is applied to.

$12, Ulta

2. Use a toner

Using a gentle toner is a good way to ensure that the oily or acne prone areas of your face are clean, while the more sensitive areas aren’t bombarded with acne products. The Nuetrogena Alcohol Free Toner is gentle, so it won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.

$5.12, Target

3. Use a cleansing mask

If you have combination skin, cleansing masks will be tough enough on your trouble spots, but won’t totally strip your dry patches. Stay away from anything specifically for acne (clarifying/drying masks) or a mask that seems too hydrating. The Aesop Parlsley Seed Mask is the perfect match for girls with combination skin. 

$39, Barneys

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