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3 Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes

In a few weeks, college students’ favorite holiday rolls around again: Halloweekend.  What’s better than a weekend of costumes and ragers? But we all know that costumes can be way more expensive than us college kids can dish out. Well, I’m here to tell you that your wallet is safe this Halloweekend with our DIY costumes!

  • Skeleton 

            Any costume can become personal with a little face paint! A quick and cute costume to try out this year is a skeleton. Just take a white or black tank top (Forever 21 sells them for less than $5), and black jeans or black spandex (Target sells spandex shorts for under $15) and face paint can be found at any drugstore. With a quick wave of the paintbrush, you’re the best skeleton in the room.


Photo via Modern Fashion Blog


  • Unicorn 

            What’s more on trend than unicorns? This look only takes a few simple steps. Take a white tank top (that same one from the skeleton costume), any athletic shorts, and make a quick run to a craft store for different colored tulle and white paper plates.

                        -Cut the tulle into strips and tie them onto your shorts in alternating colors.

                        -Take a paper plate and cut out ears, then glue the ears to a cheap headband.

                        -Use another plate to make the horn by cutting the plate into a Pac-man shape and twisting it into a cone shape.

                        -Glue the horn to the headband, between the ears.

                        -Put on some multicolored makeup, and you’re going to be the trendiest person in the room!


Photo via CamilaRech


Cher from “Clueless”

            Are you not sure what you want to be, yet? Could you say that you’re absolutely… “Clueless?” As if! Want a fast way to transform into Cher Horowitz? Pretty Little Thing sells a two-piece checkered, yellow outfit. Buy the $14 skirt, then go out and pick up a Forever 21 tank top and a yellow headband at the nearest drug store, and viola, you just walked right out of 1995!

Photo via Blonde Banter


            Halloweekend doesn’t need to break the bank, so use these DIY costumes and enjoy looking cute for less! Happy Halloween!

I am a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Business Marketing and double minoring in Communications and Journalism. I am a Texan, born and raised, and a lover of the 3 Ps: puppies, pizza, and Parks and Rec. 
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