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As someone who loves Halloween and ~spookiness~, horror movies are a big part of the season. And as an avid horror movie watcher, the type of horror movie is also of utmost importance for every setting. I tried 3 horror movies each with a different group of people and here’s what I found out:

1. With my roommate

Everyone knows that dolls are creepy and pretty much anytime someone has gotten a creepy old doll that is supposed to be “antique,” it does not go well. My roommate and I were bored one night and we decided to watch horror movie and came across “Annabelle.” Well, as a movie that is not as well known, this one surprised me. The plot was somewhat cliché, but it managed to keep it fresh and exciting. I think this movie was good to watch with someone you are still getting to know, as horror has a weird way of bonding people. As a fear fanatic I enjoy being on the edge of my seat during movies and this did just that. Just be prepared for a lot of jump scares! The moral of the story is if you to a garage sale or something and come across an old doll in historical looking clothing DON’T BUY IT. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and will thank me later.

We gave “Annabelle” a 7/10

2. With my boyfriend

Let me preface this by saying my boyfriend is not a huge fan of horror movies. Whenever we hang out and it’s his turn to choose what to watch, we usually end up watching a comedy special or an action movie. That being said it was my turn to choose and I had wanted to watch The Babadook” for some time now. I had heard some good things about the movie and decided to give it a shot. The first few scenes started off as the “stereotypical” horror movie these days would start, and I was skeptical right off the bat. As the movie went on, I found myself bored and not really scared or nervous as I am usually was when watching these types of films. By the time we hit the halfway point we were both kind of waiting for the movie to end (but we persevered for the sake of this article!). When the movie ended we were both extremely relieved and I knew he would never let me live this down. Truth be told, the plot was kind of dry and the big action scene where the characters face the villain was generally anticlimactic. I was lowkey really disappointed by how this one seemed to turn out. Do not watch this movie with your boyfriend because he will make fun of you for your bad taste in movies for the rest of your life.

We give “The Babadook” a 2/10

3. With my friends

As most people know, the remake of “It” was a box office hit right from opening night. The movie was hyped far before it came out and even more so after it finally hit theaters. I had been waiting to watch this movie pretty much since I came across the first trailer earlier this year, so needless to say I was very excited. A group of friends and I made plans to go see it, and I was very much looking forward for this night. Unlike most horror movies, the movie started off with a bang, with scares right from the first few scenes. The plot was engaging, entertaining and kept the audience on the edge of their seats the whole movie. On top of that the cast was AMAZING, and they managed to make the movie funny and scary at the same time. Who would’ve thought that was possible? Seriously one of the best horror movies I’ve ever watched. This movie was perfect to watch with a group of friends or even with a significant other. Looking forward to the sequel!

We give “It” a 10/10

Happy Horror Movie Watching!

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