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Us college students use a plethora of excuses every day to justify things like not going to class, not going to the gym, not eating healthy, partying, skipping class or not completing assignments on time. Which of these excuses are you guilty of?


1. “My computer crashed.”

2. “The wifi was down.”

3. “My printer disconnected.”

4. “I slept through my alarm.”

5. “There’s just a lot going on in my life right now.”

6. “I forgot this was due today.”

7. “I didn’t know this would be on the test.”

8. “You weren’t in your office during office hours when I went to look for you”

9. “We never went over that.”

10. “I’m too sick.”

11. “I just ate so I’ll get a stomach ache if I go to the gym.”

12. “I was hungover.”

13. “I’m just lazy.”

14. “My car broke down.”

15. “My fish died.”

16. “It’s my dog’s birthday.”

17. “I’m late because I just don’t want to be here.”

18. “Attendance isn’t mandatory, so I don’t need to go.”

19. “I just washed my hair, I can’t go to the gym.”

20. “My phone’s at 24 percent, I have to wait until it’s at least at 80 percent.”

21. “It’s Boulevard season.”

22. “I ate a salad for lunch, which means I can have Ben and Jerry’s and pizza for dinner.”

23. “I actually went to class today, so I deserve Starbucks”

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