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100 Thoughts You Had While Watching The Bachelor Finale

1.     Does Chris Harrison have to call every finale the most emotional?

2.     OMG Ben’s parents are so cute.

3.     Wow the live audience is really excited.

4.     How do you get to be in the live audience?

5.     Love Chris’s joke about this being the most dramatic finale.

6.     But ugh Chris stop talking.

7.     Let us watch the show already!

8.     Ben’s pastor is here?

9.     Are they actually going to get married tonight?

10. What

11. The

12. Heck

13. Jamaica looks great.

14. Booking my trip there ASAP.

15. Gahh the music on this show is so intense.

16. The suspense is already building.

17. Wait Ben’s parents are actually goals.

18. The mom seems so smart.

19.  Lauren seems nervous about meeting them. 

20.  Ben’s mom seems skeptical.

21.  His mom’s facial expressions say it all.

22.  She doesn’t seem that thrilled with Lauren.

23.  Why does Ben get to be in love with two people, and I have zero so far?

24.  I can’t tell if Lauren really wants to get engaged.

25.  Higgins is a strange last name.

26.  Dang, Jamaica still looks beautiful!

27.  What did JoJo bring as a gift for his parents?

28.  Quit talking about being nervous, JoJo.

29.  Quite a bit of PDA in front of the parents!

30.  Ben’s dad loves to hear about Ben.

31.  JoJo seems genuinely in love with Ben.

32.  JoJo and Ben’s dad are really bonding!

33.  Why do JoJo and Ben need so much to feel “safe”?

34.  I think Ben’s mom thinks that Ben is going to pick JoJo.

35.  JoJo’s romper is so cute!

36.  Did Ben’s mom just say, “plant his stake?”

37.  That’s a funky white limo taking Ben away.

38.  These cuts to the live audience make me uncomfortable.

39.  It seems weird that Ben’s pastor flew out.

40.  Why does he need to read the bible back stage?

41.  I wish I were in the studio audience.

42.  Wow, Lauren’s bathing suit is pink!

43.  It looks windy on the boat.

44.  They say “I love you” a lot!

45.  Why is Ben acting so weird on the boat?

46.  Wow, Ben has a strange tattoo!

47.  Ooh, pretty sunset.

48.  Is the resort deserted? Where are the people?

49.  Why is Lauren so emotional on the last night?

50.  Ben isn’t saying anything, awkward.

51.  So many serious conversations; too much!

52.  He just came over for ten minutes?

53.  The pastor seems to be lurking.

54.  It’s cute that JoJo calls Ben her friend.

55.  So stinking cute!

56.  That waterfall looks fake.

57.  Wow, JoJo’s bikini is bright, too.

58.  Did I miss the neon bikini trend?

59.  He’s avoiding eye contact with JoJo.

60.  Every minute, it’s getting more confusing who he’s going to pick.

61.  The anticipation is killing me.

62.  Lots of candles in every hotel room.

63.  JoJo’s nails look gorg.

64.  Ben is tripping over his words.

65.  It’s annoying me.

66.  OMG, they went in the bathroom, what is happening?

67.  Are they in the toilet area?! 

68.  Did he really just admit to JoJo that he loves Lauren?

69.  How is JoJo keeping it together right now?

70.  JK, now the tears are flowing.

71.  Hey, I wonder how Neil Lane got this jewelry gig?

72.  Wow, those diamonds are huge!

73.  Is it awkward for the girls to be filmed while they get ready? I’d hate that. 

74.  Ben is spending a lot of time wondering around the resort.

75.  Do I love or hate JoJo’s finale dress?

76.  Do they really have to go to the rose ceremony by helicopter?

77.  It looks like Ben is standing in water at the rose ceremony.

78.  Who is going to be first out of the helicopter?

79  Shoot, it’s JoJo!

80.  Does Chris feel awkward at these finale’s with the girls?

81.  JoJo’s dress is growing on me.

82.  Ben is actually killing me.

83.  This could go either way right now.

84.  Loving JoJo’s speech.

85.  Ugh, why did he dump JoJo?

86.  She looks mad!

87.  Why is he rambling so much?

88.  Is Ben crying?

89.  Yep, those are definitely man tears.

90.  Wow, the live audience seems shaken up.

91.  They are acting like someone just died.

92.  Ben is still crying!

93.  Who is he calling?

94.  Love that he just called Lauren’s dad.

95.  Ben’s air punch could be the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen.

96.  OK, let’s get this proposal started!

97.  Lauren saying that “you’re my person” is the cutest thing.

98.  OK Ben, you are melting my heart.

99.  Lauren can’t stop giggling.

100.  Pretty freaking cute!

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