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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

SMU is one of my favorite places, but it did take me a few weeks to figure out my new routine and lifestyle as a college student. It’s always hard to adjust to coming to college, so I know these insider tips will help make the transition easier and you know what to do for your first week!

Meet your neighbors

Mine happens to be my best friend now :) It can be awkward, but it helos to at least be on a first name basis!

Try on-campus food that isn’t the Dining Halls

Go to The Market in Hughes Trig and Mac’s place for lunch and dinner. They are 100% better than the dining halls and some of the food is on meal swipes!

Get familiar with the campus

Walk around campus and get familiar with where your buildings are and how long it takes to walk there, especially before classes start. Google maps also helps.

Go out with other freshman

Go to OT Tavern on Wednesdays. You’ll make the best memories and meet other freshmen going out. Try to plan some group dinners too!

Text older girls you know

Don’t be afraid to text the older college students you know on your campus for help! They like to help out!

Find your study space

Go to the 4th floor of Fondren Library or The Law Library if you need a quiet study place. Studying on Dallas Hall lawn is super nice too, when the weather is not too hot.

Follow what is happening on campus

Follow Instagrams such as the sorority Instagrams, SMU’s Instagram, clubs/organizations, and more to keep up with what’s happening and what they do both in the spring before you get there and see what will be happening once you are there. 

Manage your time well

You will be super busy meeting new people and adjusting to college. Keep track of your events and assignments on a calendar or app!

Book study rooms in the library

Learn how to book study rooms in the library, so you can take your mask off and work with friends out loud. 

Stay at school on the weekends to meet more people

Stay on campus on the weekends and find out what’s happening there or get friends together to do something on campus. So many people go home multiple times on the weekend the first semester which will just make it harder to settle in and meet people.

Hope you find this helpful and can’t wait for you to get to campus! 


Hi, I'm Sofia! I'm from Austin, TX majoring in Finance. Some of my hobbies include baking, running, skiing, and interior design.
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