10 Stages of running into your ex on campus

Whether your heart still cries every time you think of him or you're filled with an unquenchable rage whenever you hear his name, the fact remains-- running into your ex is bound to be awkward. And when campus is only about 11,000 people, the chances of an awkward encounter are high. No matter how prepared you might think you are, you're never going to be prepared enough for the awkwardness that is bound to ensue.

When he appears, it's horrifying. The panic sets in as you realize you're in for middle school yearbook photo levels of awkwardness.

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You begin to plot escape routes...but eventually realize there's no time. He's coming over, you're going to be forced to interact. And of course, you're in your stained sorority shirt and Nikes with holes in them (because obviously this can't happen on a day when you look hot).

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With no escape in sight, you try your best to look natural, happy, and like your life has been nothing but sunshine and rainbows since your breakup.

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If you can just keep it together, maybe he won't realize that you're still single, you are more familiar with the Ben and Jerry flavors than ever before, and you've watched Titanic so many times since your breakup that you know most of the lines...

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Of course he's super calm. Heck, he's being unusually polite and pleasant... doesn't he realize that this is going to make it harder to hate him going forward?

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Oh god, does he actually think you're friends now? Is that why this conversation is so endlessly long and horrible? Does he actually think the two of you can just be buddies?

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As the awkwardness mounts you spot some friends nearby and desperately attempt to signal for a rescue. Somehow they can't understand your telepathic SOS.

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Eventually, the conversation begins to come to a close. This is your chance, the small talk is over, you can make a break for it and go rant to your friends about this horribly timed encounter!

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Of course, you might still have to find a way to get out of the incredibly uncomfortable "I feel obligated to do this because we used to be close" ending hug...

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No matter how awkward things get though, the fact is you will survive. Then you can walk away confidently knowing one truth above all else:

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