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It’s 2018, and we all promised we’d stop wasting our time with f*ckbois. But how do you know that he’s too immature for you? Here are the signs.

1. He won’t text back  

Any boy that says, “oh, I’m just not a big texting guy” has got to be kidding me. It’s 2018, our phones are practically attached at our hips. If he can spend hours playing Fortnite, but can’t take the time to respond to your text message, cancel him, sis.

2. He ghosts you

Similar to the, “not a big texting” guy, a guy who just completely stops all communications with you out of the blue is blatantly immature. He clearly has issues with confrontation and would rather cut off all ties with you instead of dealing with whatever is bothering him. If he doesn’t care enough to resolve conflict, then you shouldn’t give him a second thought either.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to any of his friends

Some guys are adamant about keeping the women in their lives separated from their friends. The want to prove they are so for the boys that they would never let any type of relationship spoil bro-time. I’m telling you now, a mature guy who legitimately wants to be with you will want you to be integrated into all parts of his life. If he’s keeping you in the dark, time to kick him to the curb.

4. He ignores you at parties (or any social event)

You know the situation. You get all dolled up because you know he’s going to be at the party, only to get there and be totally ignored the entire night. You know he saw you walk in. He even texted you earlier to make sure you were coming to his party…so what gives? The worst part? You know he’s going to text you later and say, “Wish we could have hung out tonight!” Ugh.

5. He’ll only text you when he’s drunk at 3 a.m.

If he can only muster up the courage to text you after he’s had a few drinks, he’s probably not worth your time. A little bit of liquid courage goes a long way, but if he treats you differently when he’s drunk versus when he’s sober, it’s a sign of immaturity.

6. He’s constantly making excuses

No, he does not have to get ahead on studying for the fourth night in a row. A mature guy who wants to spend time with you will fit you into his schedule.

7. He lies

Even white lies about who he’s with or where he’s going should be unacceptable. Letting him get away with stretching the truth allows him to lie about other things as time goes on. Demand honesty and dump the boys who can’t abide.   

8. He doesn’t want to label the relationship

Why are some guys so scared to use the G word? If you are constantly going out and spending time together, then will calling you his girlfriend really make that big of a difference? A lot of college guys think that labeling a relationship is the end of their lives because they can’t officially say they’re single anymore. A guy who has this logic is a joke. If he’s so worried about not being able to call himself a single bachelor, then dump him and see how he likes being truly single.

9. He won’t own up to his mistakes

An immature guy who makes a mistake will try to make it anyone else’s fault but his own. Late to class? It’s because his roommate didn’t set an alarm. Fail a test? It’s because his teacher didn’t tell him what to study. His refusal to take responsibility for his actions is clear sign of immaturity.

10. He makes his issues your problem

The most immature thing a guy can do is project his own problems and insecurities onto you. Suddenly his problems become your responsibility to fix. If he has a bad day and is taking it out on you, he is not worth your time.

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