10 Gifs that Perfectly Describe the Final Sprint to Christmas Break

Now that it's past Thanksgiving, every teacher in school is piling on projects and research papers in preparation for finals ... we're already exhausted. 

1. When you have three tests in two days:

2. When the smartest kid in class starts talking about the test afterward but you already want to forget that it ever happened:

3. When you only had three hours of sleep last night:


4. "That paper is due TOMORROW?!"


5. When your professor thinks theirs is the only class you're taking:



6. When you get to your third mental breakdown of the day:


7. Looking at your final grades like:


8. When you read the first question of the test and realize you know nothing:

9. When your professor forgets their end of the year evaluation forms. You get a bad review! And you get a bad review!


10. When all you want to do is sing Christmas songs:

Good luck, my friends.