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10 Foods that Go Better with Hot Sauce

Life’s better with some spice, isn’t it? Sometimes we fall into a rut when it comes to our meals, because, let’s be honest, preparing the same old meals is easy. But there’s also an easy way to shake up your diet staples-add hot sauce! We’re partnering with Frank’s RedHot to bring you a list of things that go better with hot sauce. Go ahead and add some spice to your life with these favorites:

1. Avocado Toast

Add some edge to your next Sunday brunch.

2. Tacos

Add some hot sauce to take your 4 a.m. Taco Bell run to the next level.

3. Guacamole

Because who wants bland guac?

4. Eggs

Sprinkle some hot sauce over your morning eggs, and you won’t need coffee to feel awake.

5. Fries

Ketchup is for basics.

6. Hamburgers

Take your basic burger from one to a 10 by replacing your normal condiments with something hotter.

7. Chicken Tenders

Dipping your chicken tenders in hot sauce is like a much cleaner, more convenient way to enjoy hot wings.

8. Tofu and Veggies

Going vegan? Make the switch a little easier by adding in some flavor. Thank goodness Frank’s Red Hot is vegan.

9. Popcorn

Put on a spin on this classic snack next time you go to the movies. Like Beyoncé, bring some hot sauce in your bag.

10. Mac and Cheese

Make this easy snack a little more gourmet.

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