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Name: Anna Steckel 

JYA Program: CET Prague



What’s your favorite thing about study abroad so far?

While I absolutely love being at Smith, it has been so nice to experience studying in a different environment, with new people from all sorts of backgrounds. I have met some incredibly insightful people on my program and I’m loving getting to know a new crew of people. Prague is such an ideal location for me because it’s very easy to travel to and from (I was in Amsterdam last weekend and will be in Vienna this weekend, plus more travel throughout Europe later in the semester!). It’s also fantastically beautiful here with such a rich history to learn about. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study the history of the Czech Republic and Europe while actually living here. I am able to listen to a lecture about Prague during WWII and immediately walk outside and see the office where the “fill-in-the-blank” was stationed across the street. These kinds of things add a fresh dimension to our education.

What’s your living situation like?

I live in a flat with five other students (five of us are American and one is Czech). Other students from the program either live in the same apartment or are spread out throughout Prague. My roommate is also a Smithie! There isn’t any kind of meal plan here so we all get to cook for ourselves. Everything is super cheap in Prague so my friends and I often go out for a quick lunch between classes (and spend under $4 for a full meal, drink and dessert included!).

How is the academic environment different than Smith?

The Czech education system is quite different than what I’m used to in the US. Although I am taking classes in English that are limited to people in my program, all of our professors are Czech and generally teach from that perspective. I don’t get the same kind of academic freedom here that I do at Smith. It’s definitely different than Smith and makes me incredibly thankful for the education that I receive there. 

Follow Anna’s adventures! www.annaadventuresabroad.tumblr.com

Anna, originally from Portland, Oregon, is a junior at Smith and is a Religion and Psychology double major. Along with writing for HC, Anna spends her time singing in an a cappella group, watching The West Wing, wearing sweaters, browsing Buzzfeed, and reading in bed.
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