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Why Sunsets Are My Favorite Thing In The Entire World

Sunsets are one of my favorite things ever.  They are full of so much natural beauty and really make you very small in a world so wonderful and mysterious.  Finding good sunset spots is part of the adventure and charm of them, experimenting with different places and locating the ones that are just right.  At school, one of the best places to go is right in the center of campus facing the library.

It’s  always fun to go over to Burlington waterfront for the sunset over Lake Champlain, although it can be quite cold and breezy!  Getting a picture of sunsets over water results in beautiful pictures because not only can you see the sunset itself, but also the reflection of it on the water!  And always wait a little after the sun actually sets, sometimes the after-sunset is when the sky becomes the most vibrant.

Getting up for sunrise may be tough but it is surely worth it.  One great space on campus to watch the sunrise is the view.  

There are so many benefits for getting up early and watching the sunrise!  People who are early to rise are generally more productive and energetic, and it is always good to keep yourself grounded to nature and appreciate its beauty to start off any day on a good note!

Next time you’re feeling down or lethargic, try getting outside and watching nature’s gift which will surely put you at peace, as it does for me.  They can end any day beautifully.


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