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Why The Minimalist Is Hipster

The hipster aesthetic has trickled down through fashion, architecture, and beauty. Even certain lifestyle choices seem to revolve around a certain façade. Industrial expressions have brought in structured tailoring and metallic tones. When you think of hipster, you think of rough edges, distressed jeans, and scruffy beards.

However, there has been a revolutionary change in the course of fashion design. There has been a revitalization of clean monotone looks. Minimalism is the concept of “less.” Either at home (with living with less furniture, appliances, or clothes) or within other various areas like clothing and shoe design. Lines are straight and cut precisely. Colors are stark. Simplicity is underscored throughout the entire range of minimalism.

We could potentially link the origins of minimalism to the tiny apartments that are popping up in Japan and New York City. The “less” concept is also reminiscent of monks. Minimalists’ lifestyles encourage conserving things: waste, water, electricity. This eco friendliness may be the most tempting reason to make this trend explode.



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