Why All of Us Can Connect to Shameless

If you know me well, you probably know that I love the show Shameless. I love how uninhibited and audacious each character is as they navigate the challenges of life. They’re fiercely passionate no matter what their goal is and most of all, I love how honest the narrative is about the struggles we all go through everyday. So with the newest season now on Netflix, I thought I’d put in a good plug for the show.  



  1. Everyone's family has chaos

Frank’s in and out of the house, Debbie had a baby, Lip went to school, dropped out of school, and went to rehab, Fiona works 8 jobs, she’s been engaged, divorced and everything in between, Carl sold drugs then made a career change and Ian’s gay Jesus. They remind us that most families have a few crazies in them and sometimes your bonds feel strained, but no matter what chaos, blood runs deep and we are better together.



2. Anyone can struggle with mental illness

Today an open conversation has started about mental illness, however, this conversation commonly spans the range of anxiety, OCD and depression. Ian and Monica open a very honest chapter about mental illness. Their story candidly goes beyond how illness is portrayed in pop culture today. We see the nitty and gritty details of Bipolarism and other related illnesses, but the truth is when you or a loved one has experience managing mental illness it’s hard not to connect.   



3. Everyone has been affected by addiction

Just like any other mental illness, addiction can affect the people who are our biggest supports. Save Frank, Fiona and Lip are two of the most responsible characters in the show and coincidentally two who struggled with substance abuse the most throughout the show. It’s hard to see them struggle, but we root for them all the more as they take steps in getting help.


4. We’re all sad boys at heart

Heartbreak is real and sometimes the scars last. I mean, I doubt you’re dating a married man or prohibited from seeing your partner because you’re a bad influence, but you get the picture, sometimes relationships are tricky.    



5. Have you ever been really angry? Yeah, so have they


Picture the most angry you’ve ever been, then multiply it and think of all the things you wanted to do to get that anger out. Well, they’ve been that angry and they acted on all of the impulses you’ve only ever dreamed of doing. It’s hard to blame them though.  



6. Let your inner weirdo shine 

It goes without saying that the characters are all quite unique, which reminds us just how much fun it is to be strange. Take Franks professional pursuits for example or Kev and Veronica’s ever goal worthy relationship. They all keep it weird.   



7. We need to remember to support each other no matter what

Each character has made their fair share of mistakes, but what stays consistent is that they always come together to support one another when someone really needs help. Don’t get me wrong there is a noteworthy amount of tough love, but when push comes to shove they have each others backs.  



9. Because we see ourselves as badass women who deserve to take up space  

It’s no lie Fiona hussels and Debbie’s a lady renegade. Both have had to fight off stigmas in order to make space for themselves in the workplace and both have had ups and downs throughout. Truth is we are all more than a pretty face and they remind us of that. 


Images: giphy.com/shameless