What Your Fave Netflix Show Says About You


Nailed It

You can’t do that either but like to watch other people fail just as miserably as you would. Or you can actually do that and use it as a drinking game. 


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

You’re probably still waiting for your Hogwarts letter while crying over the fact Supernatural is almost over.



You like hot people. You probably also say “I don’t participate in the drama” but when there’s drama you HAVE to know the tea.


Thirteen Reasons Why

You probably didn’t read the book.



Your mom made you go to Sunday school as a kid. Or you also like hot people.


Sex Education

You’re probably sexually frustrated, but also really enjoy well-done character development.


The Society

You REALLY liked The Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogies in middle school. Like you probably started wearing combat boots and a side braid while begging your mom to let you start taking archery. (@me)


Stranger Things

Clearly obsessed with all things 80s, and you liked Matilda when you were a kid. 


The End of the F***ing World

You like watching serial killer documentaries. Or you’re really interested in true crime podcasts, or maybe you just have a British sense of humor. 



You might actually be a serial killer. Or you thought Ted Bundy was hot. Or you like to boast about your social media stalking prowess. 


The Witcher

You’re horny. Like, ALL the time.



Your Tinder bio says “Horror Movie Expert.” Or you’re genuinely worried that technology is going to take over.


Designated Survivor

You’re either a PoliSci or IR major. Or you really liked West Wing. Maybe you watched Nikita years ago and only started watching this because of Maggie Q.


Orange Is the New Black

You might be gay.