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What It’s Like To Be Undecided

Every school has a name for it: undecided, exploratory, undeclared. People vary in their levels of “undecidedness”: some people know they want to be in a certain field, just not what specific part of that field. Some people are in a “school for” something but aren’t exactly sure if that’s what they want to do in that school. Others, like me, are completely lost in the world of choosing a major. And to be honest, it’s a little scary! Everyone always says that it’s okay to take your time to find a major, and that there’s lots of people who don’t know what they want to do with their life. But it’s even scarier when it’s you!

So yes, being undecided can be quite nerve racking and frightening, but we exploratory majors do have some pros as well. We get to try out a ton of classes and explore a bunch of different majors: the world is our oyster! We get to interact with people from all sorts of disciplines and spend time putting lots of thought into our futures. What’s even cooler is that we start to learn a lot about ourselves as individuals. Since we’re not necessarily looking directly at careers when it comes to the future, we look at our values and personality traits and try to see what it is we are truly interested in. Us undeclared majors are a lot more declared than people think! We know who we are, we’re just trying to match that with a major!

All things take time, and this is one of them. Don’t worry, my fellow exploratories, we’ll find our major. There’s plenty of time, and plenty of opportunities to change our minds! So what if we’re not taking the traditional path? Maybe that’s what makes us so unique and makes choosing just one major that fits our awesome personalities a little tough. Check out some resources! Don’t be afraid to try new things and get really into them. No need to rush into life, just let life find you, and look at your situation as a fantastic opportunity and a wicked journey.




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