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What I Know Now: 5 Things You’ll Learn Your First Month of College

1. You can be 30 minutes from home or 3 hours, it’ll still feel like a million miles away.

Colleges are like really small countries. They possess a unique aura. They are their own communities and don’t have to be defined geographically or culturally. They stand on their own, and so will you. In your school you’ll find little bits of home. Maybe the dining hall always has your go-to snack or your professor looks like your old teacher. You will see someone who looks just like your friend from home and every time you see them you’ll still second guess if it’s them. Savor these little pieces as the weeks go by. Soon enough your campus will start to feel more like home than your actual home.



No exaggeration. College classes are hard, professors aren’t the most understanding, and yes, your 8 am class will make you cringe every time your alarm goes off. Nevertheless, time management and the library will help. Eventually you will figure out how and where you study best (yes, you do need to study.) Go out of your way to make friends with people in your classes, it will help to manage your work and you’ll have a fun study group.


3. Week two: everyone gets sick

When you get to school, really remember to take care of your health. Your health should always come first. Late nights boozing with your new friends sounds great, but when you wake up with a fever and a cough, slow down. Invest in some cough drops and a thermometer for yourself or even your neighbor.


4. You’ll rearrange your room more times than just on move in day

It takes time to figure out what living situation will work best. Command strips are precious; you can never have too many. Also, make sure you have plenty of soft lighting, like lamps and string lights. Odds are you won’t want to use your blinding overhead light.


5. These are going to be your lifelong friends

The most important things you’ll get your first month of college aren’t things, they’re friends. Don’t waste your time trying to find a significant other, focus on finding best friends. They’ll party with you, cry with you, laugh with you, and eat a lot of junk food with you. Invest your free time into them–they will be the biggest payoff of being here.


Just a girl from Harrisburg.
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