We are The One's we have been waiting for

I have always been proud to be an American.


To me, America has always been about the foundational belief of human rights and the protection of thoses lives. To me, America has always advocated for the right to an education and the right to grow and develop in a place that promised to encourage change and safety of all people.  Recently, I found myself disappointed and slightly ashamed to call myself an American. Watching and hearing the constant influx of news about children dying and suicide rates rising, I have began to wonder how a country that has always been about protection, security and humans rights, can be falling apart in such a way. As a future educator, I wonder how it is humanly possible to protect guns rather than people? This is not what our country was built upon.


While the constant news of death and tradegy is earth shattering, I have found myself inspired too. Inspired by the children and young adults who have sparked an incredible and crucial movement. Inspired by the people who have stood up to help these voices be heard. Inspired by the change that is to come. That is what being an American is and that is what makes me proud to be an American.  To me it is not even about the politics of it all, it’s about the future of America, the children and the disruption of the inherently American concept of a right to education and safety. The fact that children have a fear of being students absurd. There is a law called No Child Left Behind, that advoates for every student to have an equal education. However, some children are in fear of attending school while others go to school unafraid, there is an unequal access for students to have that right to school and education. Safety of children should always and will always be the priority. It’s no longer a political issue, it’s a human rights issue.