Valentine's Day: Not Just For Couples

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday, but it’s not for the reasons that you might think. When I was little it was always my favorite because my mom, who’s an art teacher would bring home a bunch of supplies the week before.  Things like pink and red construction paper, paper heart doilies, ribbons, and most importantly, Hershey Kisses. We would spend an afternoon constructing Valentine’s for everyone in class and writing little messages to each person. On February 13th, my mom would put all of my pin straight hair into braids (so I would wake up with some amazing waves), and I would pick out the perfect pink and red outfit for the next day.  Finally, it would be the 14th and I would pack up all my Valentines into a perfectly sized basket. Everyone remembers how exciting it was to watch the “Valentine’s Day Box” on your desk you made fill up as the day went on. Each Valentine, a message of love from those who knew you and wanted to make you feel extra loved.

    This is why Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  I believe that it is a day to be reminded that not only you yourself are loved by so many, but that you have so much love to give.  I still make Valentines for all of my friends every year a week before the 14th because I think that it is important to thank people for being in your life, and to remind them that they are loved by you.  Along with friends, everyone always has a person to love, no matter what, and that person is you! Practicing self love is something to be sure to do regularly, but Valentine’s Day serves as the perfect reminder to give yourself a little extra love.  Don’t get me wrong, it is also wonderful to spend romantic time with your partner and do all of the cliche events (that I love of course haha), but I don’t think that Valentine’s Day should be limited to just those that are in relationships.  

pink icing cake on cake stand valentines

    So this Valentine’s Day consider making some Valentines for your pals, or give yourself a spa night with a heart shaped pizza and a box of chocolates.  Whatever you decide, remember that you are always loved, and that spreading love is what makes the world a better place.