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With it officially being November, it’s only appropriate if we talk about one of the best holidays of the year: Thanksgiving!  Fresh roasted turkey, stuffing and desserts galore, it’s only appropriate if we wear the right thing to fit all those extra mashed potatoes and make sure our jeans don’t pop a button when we settle down for our afternoon snooze.  Since Thanksgiving is a family-oriented holiday, I always deem it more important to focus on who I’m with rather than what I’m wearing, but I still want to make a good impression infront of my extended family. Above I’ve pieced three options for your Thanksgiving dinner, ranging from classy conservative, to downright comfy.  The great thing about all the bottoms of these outfits is that they are stretchy and will let you eat as much as you want without wanting to combust. Now having said that, please don’t wear those super skinny jeans that fit in all the right places because you will regret it, and I do mean that with my whole heart.  Don’t choose between style and food on Thanksgiving, let the food take first priority (along with you family.) Aim for a classy comfort instead of impracticality and I assure you your stomach will thank me later. So gobble up some turkey and go in for second and thirds because Thanksgiving is almost here! Cover photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere (found at cupcakesandcashmere.com)

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