Starting 2nd Semester As Told By Blue Mountain State

After four long weeks at home, we are finally back at school. There’s a lot that goes on in the first week, from seeing friends again to getting back into a normal schedule. Who better to tell the tale of the first week than the students of Blue Mountain State themselves.

After being away from the people you spent every hour of three months with, you’re pretty excited to catch up and hear all about the 4 weeks you had to spend apart.

Everyone is coming back with New Year’s Resolutions and promises to finally become healthy this semester. This results in extremely packed gyms, but don’t worry give it a couple weeks and it’ll be back down to the true gym rats.

Your idea of ‘syllabus week’, a week to hangout and drink with friends, will be shattered when you are assigned homework in all of your classes. Know this now to avoid the inevitable heartbreak.

After getting most of your work out of the way, it’s time to play. Everybody will be out and partying. Getting ready to go out with friends for the first time in the sem is a huge social event.

Now that it’s a new semester you can forgive your first semester self for any bad decisions you may have made. Turn over a new leaf and tell yourself you’ll be better this sem (but let’s face it, L’s will be taken.)    

Going out will set the stage for you to gush to your friends about how much you love and missed them. The combination of alcohol and being back with your friends will make you express your love as much as you can. Luckily, your friends will more than likely be just as drunk as you so the love will be reciprocated.

Surprise! Just because it’s second semester doesn’t mean you can avoid the inevitable hangover. Good morning sunshine, time to hit the books and get ready for the next week of classes.

Here’s to the first week back and getting hype for this semester. Make smart decisions and have fun, when in doubt just ask yourself “what would Thad Castle do?”





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