Springtime DIY: Upcycled Planters




For this terrarium you will need an old coffee pot and sand and rocks for a thin base layer. You can buy plants for your new terrarium at your local gardeners’ store. To ensure that the plants fit in the coffee pot, measure the distance between the top of the ground layer and give yourself about an inch below the lid, and ultimately buy plants in that size range.



This vase design may require a tipsy night, but the end product is beautiful. Remove the wrappers from the wine bottles or mason jar. Wrap tape around the center of the glass, creating a straight line. Then, paint the top and the bottom of the glass with white paint. Let the paint dry overnight then you have an instant chic vase.



Check out your local thrift store for some old teacups and mugs. You can hit up your local gardeners’’ store again for this project. You can use nearly any type of plant for these terrariums. You can use flowers and also herbs.