Snowless To-Do List

After being cooped up all winter with barely any sun it’s finally back, Spring. Warm weather means we can finally be back outside doing fun things in and around Burlington. Here a couple ideas to get out of your winter funk and into some Spring and Summer fun!


Shy Guy Gelato:

Not too far from campus (and also on Church Street) is a diamond in the rough, Shy Guy Gelato. Not only do you get the opportunity to meet the Shy Guy himself but the amazing flavors change daily ranging from chai tea to classics like chocolate. Change up your normal ice cream routine and grab some local, delicious gelato to cool down on a hot day!

Grab some friends and a speaker and lay out (or hammock) in your favorite spot:

It’s hard to beat good friends and good music. Whether you prefer a blanket on the ground or a hammock in the tree, hanging out with friends is an easy way to unwind and soak up the sun. I know it might sound crazy but you could even put your phone away and look at the clouds or your surroundings, Vermont’s beautiful in Spring, don’t forget to look up every now and then.

The Waterfront:

Everyone knows the waterfront is amazing, but there’s something absolutely amazing about sitting by the lake on the first warm day of the year. Whether you’re doing homework or just relaxing, there’s nothing like the waterfront. Do you even go to St. Mike’s if you don’t love the waterfront?

Church Street:

Church Street is fun anytime of year but there’s nothing like taking a stroll on a sunny day. Most restaurants have outdoor seating on nice days (and wifi) so grab your homework and post up outside a restaurant for a little bit. Homework in the sun is always better, especially because there are endless amounts of people (and dog) watching to be done on Church Street.


The Colchester Causeway Trail:

Perfect for walking, running, or biking the Colchester Causeway Trail is around 11 miles out and back. It’s perfect for all levels of athleticism, easy enough for anyone with views beautiful enough to keep everybody interested. When else are you going to have the chance to take a path across a lake?


Treehouse at Oakledge Park:

Often nicknamed the “Hidden Treehouse” the Treehouse at Oakledge Park is just a short walk from the main area of the waterfront. We all loved treehouses when we were younger this is the perfect opportunity, as adults, to relive those memories. Summer is the perfect time to get back to nature, what better way than spending the day in a tree

All Breed Rescue:

Dogs, need I say more? All Breed Rescue is a short ride from campus and through MOVE you can be a volunteer dog walker. Dogs love to be outside just as much as us. Give these shelter pups some love while getting some exercise and being outdoors. If you volunteer long enough you can even take a dog for the day, maybe while you try out some other things on this list.


Sit outside and paint, read, or anything that allows you to relax for a bit:

It’s not about what you’re doing outside, it’s just about enjoying the weather! We’ve spent all winter either indoors or so bundled up in layers that it was hard to move. Throw on some shorts and a tshirt and get out there. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the outdoors. Paint, read, do homework, listen to music, sleep, whatever it is soak up that sun. Appreciate your surroundings. If you find yourself complaining just remember that winter will be back soon enough, makes you rethink complaining about the heat doesn’t it?



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