September Shaving Tips

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!


It is sunny September and that time of year for everybody’s favorite fall festivities back on campus. That being said, it is important to prepare for all of the fun outings while maintaining a positive self image. What better way to be confident than with a little self-care? Put on your favorite music and get pumped because it is SHAVING time. 


Now, grooming “down there” is all about comfort and it is an incredibly unique thing to each person. No matter your preference, I have some helpful tips for all of the gal pals ready to pamper their essence. Of course, you can always head over to an esthetician for a wax or other hair removal treatment. But for those ladies who are short on time or on a budget these are some tips to do it on your own!


For the Au Naturale: 

Live it up ladies love the skin that you’re in! Never believe in any way that you HAVE to shave, some of us like it, some of us don’t it all depends. 


For the Minimalists and Moderate:

Whether you’re leaving a small strip, are just looking to trim for some water fun, or want to clean up to achieve a cooler thinner layer these hints are for you! 


Shaving with nothing is almost always a recipe for disaster, and when ingrown hair and razor burn is on the line, who wants that? Get out a fresh razor and get to business. While I have heard friends have success with using extra conditioner, or olive oil… there are products you can buy. One is the Bikini Zone Shaving Cream. I personally have been using this for three years and love it! Like all else you wet the hair you want shaved, and then apply the cream to a lather. Remember to pull taught the hair and shave with care. Shaving gels are also a fun alternative and work the same way as shaving creams. 


            Products will not affect every person the same way, so my suggestion is test out new products first! Remember when something burns it has been on too long. 


For the Bare Babies:

            Bare babies I feel the struggle. Once you let it go and want it back, inevitably there are a few ingrown hairs and razor burn. But these techniques will help!


            While some cream hair removers have not worked for me I have found luck with bikini zone’s equivalent. Applying with an even layer, going slow and using a hair growth inhibitor or special cream after shaving has helped me to alleviate ingrown hairs and razor burn. Also, try to shave in a night shower when done with your day so you do not sweat and aggravate the open pores! Maintaining proper hygiene is an important part! Also, a shaving cream or gel like mentioned before in conjunction with a cream hair remover component works wonders! 


In final: Listen to what your bodies need and don’t forget to love yourself! Good luck ladies