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Rachael Prescott

Reflecting on Freshman Year

I will always remember the first steps I took at Saint Michael’s College. It was an unusually chilly day in early October 2018. When my mom and I arrived on campus it was raining, but I was immediately taken aback by how beautiful everything was. The classic brick buildings were still covered in ivy, the view of the mountains across the street was breathtaking. I was amazed by how a tiny school could already feel so comfortable to me. I met my tour guide, she was welcoming and kind. She shared multiple stories about her friends at Saint Mike’s and all of the ways she was involved on campus. She spoke about Saint Mike’s like it was her own home, a unique place where she was challenged and supported equally. She said that, “Saint Mike’s is a place where everyone belongs and everyone is able to create a meaningful experience.” I knew that day that I was interested in going here and come March 2019, I had committed to Saint Michael’s College.

    In August, I packed up my parents car and said goodbye to my close friends. Even though I was excited to begin this next chapter, I was terrified to leave my comfortable life behind. Little did I know that if you are a student at Saint Mike’s, you are one of the lucky ones. I say this because this school is more than a school, it is a community of people who care about one another. I have never heard of a college where upperclassmen (O-leaders!) help first-year students bring their luggage up to their dorm rooms. It’s just little things…everyone holds the door for each other, everyone says hello around campus. Professors know your name and genuinely care about your success in their class. 

    My favorite aspect of my first-year at Saint Mike’s was being an AcaBella. I was in an all-female a cappella group in high school, so I was excited to join in college. I was overjoyed when I was accepted in September. The AcaBella’s are a family. We do more than sing together, we support each other. We also often laugh until we cry. Not only do I get to sing and perform in college, but these girls are now my good friends. I am so lucky to be a Bella and I am beyond sad that our second semester was cut short.

My first year at Saint Michael’s College wasn’t all easy. I faced a lot of challenges within myself. I missed my family and friends from home a lot, more than I expected to. I came to realize that I was not alone in those feelings. My new friends at school were also experiencing those same feelings. However, missing home doesn’t mean that my new home is any less special. 

I am so grateful for Saint Mike’s. Acts of human kindness are created here everyday. People truly care for each other and leaving so early was extremely difficult. I miss talking to Rosemary every day. I miss the way the sun shines into the windows on the top floor of the library. I miss walking around campus and breathing the fresh air, feeling safe and calm. Saint Michael’s is truly a magical place and I cannot wait to continue my experience here for the next three years. I absolutely agree with my first tour guide, Saint Michael’s College is a place where everyone belongs. 


Sophomore at Saint Michael’s College from Marblehead, MA. I’m a Public Health major & Anthropology minor! I love to sing and I am a proud member of SMC AcaBellas!
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