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Reasons to Love Vermont Weather

Spring time is the best time in Vermont. The sun begins to peek out after being gone for a solid three months, the snow begins to melt, and the atmosphere begins to feel happy again. Spring time is the best time. People begin to spend time outside and come out of their houses after hibernating for the cold months of the winter. Spring is where you realize a lot more people go to your school then you remembered. Even when it is only 40 degrees in Vermont people will be out in shorts and t-shirts because it feels as though it’s 80 degrees. Although it is only the end of February, you have probably already experienced some cold snowy days, and days where it has been so warm it feels like it is summer. One day you could be skiing in the mountains, and the next barbequing outside with friends on campus. The weather in Vermont is unpredictable in the springtime, but that is what makes this time of year so exciting; you never know what the weather is going to be like. In Vermont some fun things to do in the springtime are to go to Lake Champlain by the waterfront, walk around church street, and hike mountains with friends. Being in Vermont makes it inevitable to spend time outside because it is so beautiful. Vermont weather gives you multiple options for what you can plan to do with your friends during the day. Your day could be surrounded by the cold winter long days, or by the warmth the spring is bringing. Springtime for Saint Michael’s students means having fun with friends outside again and not having to wear parkas to class everyday. Springtime changes the atmosphere that the cold long winter brings. Springtime reminds us that summer is close by.


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