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The new season of Big Mouth is out, and there have been some mixed reactions and controversies raised. 


    The new season of the irreverent animated comedy created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg dropped on October fourth, and not long after that, some issues arose. 


We’ll start with some of the funniest moments (at least in my opinion).

The Fab Five showing up and trying to help Coach Steve, with Antoni being kidnapped by seagulls and then becoming their leader. Bobby (interior design) throws shade by pointing out while the others were out all week shopping and talking, he literally redid Steve’s entire “house” (it’s a shipping crate). 


When Andrew and his family go to Florida and take NIck along, and the ending result is the bottom half of Florida sinking into the sea.


The Turkey. You’ve got to admit, it’s funny. I don’t want to go into the details, but it’s uncomfortably funny (like most of the show).


When Jessie becomes part of a game show about, you guessed it, getting it on with herself.

Andrew getting a bunch of his hair pulled off because he was being a misogynistic jerk and having an allergic reaction to his jerk hat.


Now onto some of the wholesome/positive moments. Starting with the girls protesting against a sexist dress code (we’ve all been through that struggle)


Jay coming out as bisexual (!!!!) even after Ali shows up and creates drama about sexuality (more on that after the good stuff)


Matthew and Jessie being adorable friends and hating Valentine’s Day together, swearing off of guys


And then a few days later when Matthew meets a boy (!!!) and Jessie acts as the perfect wing-woman, even though they had just said they didn’t need guys because they had each other


Now that you’ve seen the funny and the cute, we’ll talk about the controversy. Yes, the scene when they introduce the new girl, Ali, who immediately comes out as pansexual to her new class. Pansexuality is defined as not being limited in sexual choice with regard to gender, biological sex, or gender identity. However, many people are angry about the definition Ali offered, comparing pansexuality to bisexuality. She accuses it as being “so binary” and saying that bisexuality is transphobic. 

This caused a lot of outrage from the LGBTQ+ community, claiming bi-erasure as well as general misrepresentation. While the show depicted bisexuals as conforming to the binary, the true definition of bisexuality is the quality or characteristic of being sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender. 

Fortunately, one of the creators, Andrew Goldberg, tweeted an apology in response to the backlash. The tweet included a screenshot of a text that apologizes and also thanks the LGBTQ+ community to opening their (the creators) eyes to their error. Hopefully, in the future season, the characters will correct this wrongdoing and continue supplying irreverent content. 

Big Mouth has been renewed for three more seasons and season four will most likely be released in the early fall of 2020. At New York Comic Con, Nick Kroll announced that the Hormone Monsters are going to be getting their own spin-off show, HUman Resources, taking place in the Department of Puberty.


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