The Productive-Lazy Day

I understand how this title might be confusing or contradictory. I guess it seems easier to choose: lazy day or productive day. The week tends to be predetermined for us, Monday’s are to-do lists and healthy eating, while the weekend is solely for sleep and Burger Bar. However, as I navigate the spring semester, I have found that laziness and productivity can complement each other well. My Saturdays used to be spent sleeping the day away in preparation for my evening plans.


 Now, I have “productive-lazy days.”


It may seem daunting to plan out a day off of classes, but this does not have to be an every weekend occurrence. I certainly still have my complete lounge days, but my productive-lazy days have become my favorite. It is the perfect balance between rest and activity. They are never the same every weekend, but sometimes a schedule can help me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Productive-lazy days leave me feeling driven, ambitious, and ready for the fun night to come.   


I guess I should provide an example of this kind of day because I can understand if y’all are not  convinced. The following was my most recent productive-lazy day schedule. This particular schedule was catered to my mental health, but tuning into one’s body is essential for a wonderful day. Oh and be flexible, if the schedule changes, that’s great too!


My “Lazy-Productive Saturday” (2/29/2020)  


9am: First alarm goes off (to be snoozed obviously)

10:15 am: Leisurely get out of bed

10:25am: 15 minute guided meditation (there are plenty of great ones on YouTube!!)

10:40am: Healthy breakfast!

11am: Exercise in Dion gym (the length of my work out fluctuates depending solely on how I feel, it’s recently been walking and running on the treadmill while watching Grace & Frankie)

11:40ish: Come back to dorm for a LONG shower

12:15pm: Blow dry hair, put on leggings, a cozy sweater, and moccasins 

Around 12:45pm?: Probably lunch then homework or any other errands

Around 2:30pm I took a much needed break and ended up lying in my bed for a bit


All in all...the schedule is never completely set in stone, but it can feel really grounding to have a balanced day off. Self-reflection is key! Listen to what your body and soul needs that day, remember it’s all for you!