Prepping For An Exam: As Told by the Kardashians

1. When your professor tells you you have an exam even though the semester only started two weeks ago.


2. The procrastination period. You’re convinced you already know what you need to and don’t have to start studying yet.


3. Realizing that you don’t actually know anything and really need to study. Suddenly every moment of the day is devoted to cramming information into your brain. Bye friends, bye life, see ya after the exam.


4. Convincing your parents (and yourself) that one bad exam grade isn’t the end of the world. I mean really it’s still the beginning of the semester, you’ll be more prepared for the next exam..right?


5.  Preparing your speech to your professor after they fail you. I mean it’s not all your fault, sometimes class is just hard and you’re tired and maybe you weren’t really paying attention that much but come on, switch up the Powerpoint now and then.


6.  The morning of the exam. Accepting that there’s just no more time to try and learn the material. I’m sure the 12 straight hours of studying and stress drinking coffee was enough.


7. Walking into the classroom hoping that everyone else fails too so hopefully your professor will scale the exam. Just keep telling yourself that confidence is key, I’m sure that’ll make up for not knowing anything.


8. Opening the exam to see questions on topics you didn’t study at all. Were they even in this section? On the study guide? Is this what the class is about?


9.  Leaving the exam and all memories of it behind after leaving the classroom. Outta sight, outta mind. Get back to living your best life and forget this scarring experience even happened.


10.  Getting your grade back and realizing you didn’t do as terrible as you thought you did! I guess that cramming really did pay off. Time to celebrate.


11. Finally, just when you thought it was safe, you’re told you have another exam for a different class next week. And the cycle begins again…





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