An Open Letter To Wawa

Dear Wawa,

Some of my best memories were forged in your store, from 2 AM post-party hoagie runs to shazam-ing the music that was playing in your store. Even though I’ve spent half my life savings on hoagies and mac and cheese, I keep coming back. Going to college in a state that doesn’t have any Wawa stores has really taken a toll on my sanity, and made me appreciate you all the more when I come home on break. I’ll never get tired of drunkenly ordering entirely too much food on the touch screens, all the while creating new friendships with the deli maker and cashier. It’s a regular occurrence to roll up to Wawa with a car full of friends and stand by the deli for minutes on end just contemplating what I should get, going back and forth on the touch screen to customize something that will satisfy my cravings. I celebrate the summer months because summer marks Hoagiefest time, and I double my trips to Wawa- if it’s even possible- to take full advantage. I can’t even count the times I’ve walked into your store hungover or before class just to get a cup of good, affordable coffee to start my day, without spending half my life savings at Starbucks. Most importantly, your twenty four hour open door policy has been my saving grace countless times, whether it be at 3 AM when I can’t fall asleep and really just want a soft pretzel or I’m mid-road trip through the Wawa friendly states. So, Wawa, thank you for all that you have done for me, and I promise to continue coming back to you. And, if you have time, could you think about opening a few more stores up North? It gets exhausting keeping up with my countdown until I get an authentic hoagie.



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