New England Seasons

New England is known for it’s four seasons. However, every New Englander knows that it is not so cut and dry. We definitely do not have four equal seasons and we DEFINITELY do not have four distinct seasons.


1. Summer

Here in New England it doesn’t reeeaaally feel like summer until mid-June. We get some warm days here and there throughout May and early June but it is not consistent beach weather until mid-June.

2. “Fall”

At the end of August it starts to get chilly. It starts with needing a sweatshirt on the beach at night and from there the days can even get a bit chilly if the sun goes in. This usually takes up the last week or so of summer break, the time in which you would want to be soaking up as much sun as you can before sent back to school.


3. Summer (again)

The second school starts and it’s time to return to sweaty classrooms, dorms and responsibilities it gets scorching hot again. Obviously in the final days of summer it was cloudy and the windchill made 75 feel like 50 and now it is 95 and you are chafing so badly that you cannot pay attention to a word your professor is saying. Nice!

4. Fall (for real)

Fall is a quintessential New England season since not all areas of the county have it. By mid-September/early October it starts to be appropriate to do basic fall things; this would include wearing flannels, apple picking, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, etc. October gets ~spooky~ and you can mix in some pumpkin carving. Fall is sad at first because summer is officially over but once the leaves are changed and the air is crisp it is actually super nice in New England.

5. Winter

Winter. Is. Long. It can start anywhere from mid-October to mid-November. But once it starts it never ends. Ever. I like winter in December and that’s about it. Yeah, the snow is pretty and hats with pom-pom are cute; but now it is APRIL and it literally snowed yesterday. It has been 6 months since winter started. I am ALL SET with winter.

6. “Spring”

There are a few days here and there in March and April where it is warm and the sun is shining and everyone is in a great mood and drives to Dunks with their windows down to get an iced coffee. Everyone exclaims, “Spring has sprung!” But then, two days later it is back down to 32 degrees with a windchill and we all feel cheated and betrayed by nature. Super funny joke, Mother Nature! You got us!

7. Spring

FINALLY spring rolls around. It also feels like the shortest season because winter is so long and before you know it it’s summer. But nonetheless, nothing compares to the sun hitting your face on the first few spring days and you actually feel its warmth.

8. Summer

Spring is over in two seconds and it is time for summer. Summer is amazing. Not much else to say about it!