My New Netflix Obsession: Black Mirror

My new Netflix Obsession: Black Mirror

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I am completely obsessed with Black Mirror, which is a show that was put on Netflix in 2016 and written by Charlie Brooker. The show is all about the future, near or far, and how the technology we use will eventually negatively affect us. It’s science fiction and action all in one. What’s really cool about it, too, is the fact that each episode stands alone; there’s no continuity. So you can jump in wherever you want and watch one episode at a time without being hooked in to the “I have to know what happens in the next episode” type of stuff that keeps you up all night. Although, I do find myself staying up all night sometimes because I can’t get enough of it.

The cast changes every episode, too, so you get to see a variety of actors. The episodes always leave you thinking and often put disturbing realities right in your face. There are episodes about phones, technological animals, and even life-like video games. The episodes are an hour each, so you can watch them one at a time or all at once (if you’re a crazy binger, like me). I’ve found that the further I’ve gotten into the show, the more I’ve grown to like it, as the episodes just get better and better. I try not to watch too many at a time, though, as they can be sort of sad when you realize that the future may not be as bright as we think.

That being said, I still think this is a really important show for people our age to see. We’ve grown up in this world and we’re only going to further its progression, so we may as well think about the consequences. It’s a really great show to watch with other people, too, because it can start really intense conversations. And hey, if you’re someone like me who was just looking for something intriguing to watch on Netflix, you should give this show a try. I love horror and thinking about possible realities, and this show is perfect.

PS: Warning: if you don’t like the first episode, keep watching. It’s one I recommend you skip, as the writers must have really been going for the shock factor on the first one… just Google it.







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