Mom? Can You Come Get Me? I'm Scared.

This one goes out to all the mothers! Specifically the Mom that raised me.


If being in college has shown me anything, it’s how much I love my Mom. I call her almost everyday, sometimes multiple times. Any chance I get I go to lunch with her, I will. And she knows about every bad grade, good grade, friend fight, and boy situations. I am so lucky to have a Mom that listens and understands me. As I get older our conversations have more substance and I see her as more than just my Mom, she’s actually a real person (crazy, I know). 


The last week has been a tough one. Between being ridiculously sick, having a ton of homework, preparing for the biggest jewelry show of my career, and boy troubles, this week was a DOOZY. And you know what? All I wanted was my Mom. No matter the circumstance I know that she’ll make me feel better. She listens and validates my feelings. She doesn’t dismiss anything I’m thinking or feeling. And then, she guides me to light at the end of the tunnel. She helps me learn how to deal with my emotions and anxiety, she provides a joke when needed, and sometimes she just sits and let me be sad. I don’t know how but she always knows exactly what I need. 


This week I had a break in my school schedule so I was able to go home to work and hopefully get better from this cold. My Mom greeted me with a huge hug. I instantly felt ten times better. She made my favorite cookies that are usually only a Christmas special. She put the heater on in my studio so it would be warm when I got there. She listened to all of my complaints, anxieties, and funny stories about college. She didn’t tell me how I was wrong, or how I was overreacting, which I tend to do. She also didn’t tell me to stop working so I could calm down and de-stress. Instead, she listened and when I said I needed to do jewelry work and school work, she assured me that she was there to support me in anyway she could. 


When I got back to school, more issues came. And as I was lying on my desk, head on my folded arms, full on teen drama movie crying, all I wanted was my Mom. The person who makes me feel safe, loved, and helps me see the forest from the trees. Luckily, I have pretty amazing friends who make me feel that same way. They sat with me and loved me back to at least stable. The next day I had lunch with my Mom. We talked about everything that happened and had a good laugh about the dramatics of it all. And I felt better. 


So to the Moms that sit. That listen. That love you despite everything. Thank you. How do you express the love you have for someone like this? Someone that you didn’t even realize was a real person, not just a Mom?? Well you can start by sending her a text. Let your mom(s) know that you’re thinking about them, because I can guarantee they’re thinking about you.