Meet Sam!

Meet Sam!

Hometown: Newburyport, MA

Major: Double Major in Elementary Education and Spanish

YOG: 2020

Fun Fact: I’m the only red-head in my family


HC: Why did you choose SMC?

SO:  When I came on a tour here it was one of the only schools that did not seem “fake.” The people here were genuine and actually happy to be a student here. The welcoming and open community was what drew me to St. Mikes and I have not been let down since.


HC: What are you involved with in the SMC community?

SO: I am a tour guide, member of the Founders Society, member of Random Acts of Kindness, a peer tutor, and ran XC freshman year and this year


HC: What do you enjoying doing on the weekends?

SO: I like hanging out with my friends and going out on campus with everyone!


HC: Are you planning on studying abroad? If so, where?

SO: Yes! I just turned in my application to study abroad in Seville, Spain next spring!


HC: What is your favorite memory at SMC so far?

SO: My favorite SMC memory is the food and bouncy houses on P-day!