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Dear College Soulmate(s),


I’m writing this letter to thank you for all things you do for me on a daily basis.  Coming to college I was scared about a lot of things, especially finding new friends. From the second we met I knew we would get along. Our awkward ice breaker period lasted maybe a day and from then on we’ve been as comfortable as we can get.  Over the first couple months we became inseparable, eating, doing homework, and partying together. Looking back not much has changed, we’re still wildly dependant on each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can always count on you to be ready to go out with only an hours notice. From sickness to blizzards I know if I wanna dance you’ll be right by my side forging our way to the best party. But even before we get to the party I can count on you to lend me clothes, give your opinions on outfits, and always help with my hair and makeup. I swear sometimes we have more fun getting ready than actually going out. Your pregame playlist will always get me hyped up to go out and no matter what you can turn an awful night into a memorable one.

There’s nobody else I would rather push through a crowd of people with just to get to the good spot in a party. We’ve developed an intense hand holding process for when we’re trying to get through, or even when we’re just trying to get back to our rooms. We joke around and say we date because we hold hands so much but if people didn’t know us they might think we actually do. Thank you for always dancing as much as possible. We may not be great dancers but we have a lot of heart and that’s what matters. Thank you for being just as much of a sweaty wreck as I am at the end of a night of dancing. Thank you for our amazing system to avoid guys we don’t want to dance with. All it takes is a head nod and suddenly one of us is against the wall instead of the guy and the other is strategically placed to block anymore interactions with that guy. A huge thank you for always taking care of me while drunk, hungover, sick, or even just sad. Whether you’re getting me back to my room Saturday night or delivering me a pizza bagel in bed on Sunday morning, I really don’t know what I would do without you to take care of me. Speaking of Sunday mornings, thank you for sitting in the dining hall and recapping the events of the weekend. Sitting reminiscing and filling in the gaps that we might not remember is just as fun as going out. Thank you for also convincing me that no matter what I did over the weekend, it really wasn’t that bad (even if it was). I know you’ll never judge me and always look out for me to make sure I’m not making bad decisions.

You do just as much for me on weekdays as on weekends. Thank you for always being my gym buddy and always supporting my decisions to skip a day because it means you won’t have to go either. We have worked out our schedules to allow us gym time, lunch together everyday, and of course time to study together. Thank you for always being willing to ‘post up’ somewhere to do homework. Even if it takes us a little longer to get it done I love taking breaks every ten minutes to recall something that happened that day, look at a hot guy walking by, or listen to a new song you just found. Our meals in the dining hall turn into hours of sitting, watching people, and talking about life. We even have snack time together just to talk and hangout (as if we don’t hangout enough already). Thank you for all of our movie nights, always being down to color, and getting ‘snowed in together’ (AKA drinking wine and watching Disney movies).

Thank you for talking endlessly about our insane desires to travel the world, to switch majors, or anything else we could think about. Thank you for listening to me vent for hours and not only understanding but helping me regain sanity. Thank you for always being willing to fight people for me and always squadding up whenever someone’s being a dick. Thank you for supporting all of my crazy ideas but always keeping me safe. You give me confidence, peace of mind, and the knowledge that no matter what I’ll have you. You’re better than any boyfriend could be and that’s why I know you’re my soulmate. Thank you for being with me so much that when we’re not together I get asked where you are because it’s odd for us to be separated. I could go on forever about all the things you do that make you my best friend but more and more are being added everyday. I’ll end it with this, thank you for being my wild, crazy, funny, sweet, and amazing best friend, here’s to many more adventures with you holding my hand.


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