A Letter To My Best Friend, Miles Away

Dear Best Friend,

    After years of growing up together, visiting our favorite ice cream place downtown and having many “firsts” with one another, it’s weird going away to college. A part of me was left behind when we left for school and suddenly there were states and miles between us, putting much more distance between each other than the short drive it took to get from my house to yours. Instead of seeing you in the hallway at school everyday or during the weekends when we’re plotting our next adventure, I’m lucky to see you once a semester.

But being away at college doesn’t change the way things are between us. I still send you obnoxious drunk snapchats, FaceTime you any time a cute boy looks in my direction, call you about something only you would understand, and text you whenever our favorite song comes on at a party. You still receive frantic texts about what outfit I should wear or whining complaints about another friend, not to mention endless snapchats of food that I know you would’ve loved to be sharing with me.  


You’re still my go to person when I’m craving a late night fast food run, an honest opinion about a picture I want to post, or a much-need-but-not-wanted reality check. It’s safe to say that we’re on the same level of weirdness, so when I say something you disagree with and you hiss at me (yes, like a cat), I don’t even flinch. The fact you love food as much as I do only strengthens our relationship and even though I spend entirely too much money on food with you, I never regret it.

Even from hours away, you still manage to make me laugh until my stomach hurts because of an inside joke or a hysterically unforgettable memory. You know just what to say when I’ve had a bad day and I’m in desperate need of a pick me up. I love my new friends at school, but there are some things that only you will understand or know how to deal with. The best part is that whenever we finally see each other again, we pick up where we left off, like months hadn’t gone by without seeing one another.


    Sometimes we get ourselves into pretty strange situations, but we always manage to turn it into an incredible experience and an even more incredible story. I look forward to the summer so we can finally be back to hanging out every day and creating even more memories that will get me through the next school year. So for now, continue to send me snaps of you making the ugliest faces you can and I’ll text you when the cute boy in class smiles in my direction, and I’ll see you soon.


        Your Best Friend


Photo Source 1: https://media.giphy.com/media/84UgBCusWHVZe/giphy.gif

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Cover Photo: Rachael Prescott