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Saint Michael’s College offers various activities for its students to get involved in. Ranging from sports, to performing arts, to an ultimate frisbee club, there is truly something here for everyone.


This past weekend, I decided to attend a campus ministry weekend event known as the LEAP retreat. 31 other candidates and I along with many student leaders ventured to the beautiful shrine on Friday afternoon, ready for a weekend of new friendships, laughs, and tears.


Why did I go on this retreat? I had heard from many people that it was a fun weekend of meeting new people, reflection, and time away from dorm living. Yes that’s right: the shrine cabins are adorable, and the beds are extremely comfortable. Despite getting minimal hours of sleep, the quality of sleep was far superb to that of Lyons Hall.


What happened on the retreat? Well as someone may guess, there are certain secrets about the retreat that I can’t say; you have to go to find out! However, I can disclose that there are talks, small group discussions, and big group games. Along with other students, I was pushed outside of my comfort zone which can be scary, but extremely beneficial. For me, it was a weekend to get away from the stresses of academics on campus and meet new, friendly, and kind people in various grades here at SMC.


Should you go? Yes! I would highly recommend this retreat weekend at the beautiful Saint Anne’s Shrine. If not for the right reasons, go for the comfortable beds, new friends, and delicious non-Alliot food.


Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts & Spanish double major with a Business Administration minor at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT. Member of the Varsity Women's Tennis Team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Honors Program, Founder's Society, Tour Guide, Book Award Recipient, and lector in the Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel. One of two NE10 student athlete reps. 3.96 cumulative GPA. Dean's List Honoree every semester.
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