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How to Survive When Your BFF Goes Abroad



College is a time of opportunities, and for some, this means taking a leap of faith and studying abroad. For others, studying abroad may not be of interest or just may not be feasible. For me, I’ve decided to stay in the comforts of my lovely, little, Catholic, liberal arts community that is Saint Mike’s. For my best friend, she’s decided to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although I am so excited for her and all her new adventures, it doesn’t mean I’m not a bit bummed for spring semester. Here’s three simple tips for you if you’re in the same boat as me.


1.) Keep in touch, duh

It’s way too easy these days to not keep in touch with your pals if they’re not in arm’s length. Although you may want to text your bff and hear all about their new adventures all the time, it’s important to give them space. Especially when they first arrive in their new home country, give them time to get acclimated. Nothing makes starting anew that much harder than having your friends from home badgering you for updates every second. Let them reach out to you.

2.) Keep yourself busy

Especially if you know that this transition is going to be tough for you, keep yourself involved with your studies, activities, and anything that makes you feel good.

3.) Surround yourself with good people

Even though your bff is gone for a semester, spend some QT with your other pals. That’s what they’re here for, and it’ll make you feel less alone


Hopefully, this can help you survive a semester while your bff is away. It may be tough, be you’ll get through it.






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