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How to Stay Warm When Your Suite’s Got No Heat

Baby it’s cold inside. Even when trying to escape the frigid outdoors it is hard to stay warm in our temperamental heated buildings. I have thought long and hard on how to turn things around and get things hot in here.


Use your laptop as a space heater.

Binge watch Netflix while you have roughly 27 tabs open on multiple browsers while downloading the latest update of Java so your laptop starts to overheat. At this point, put your laptop close to your body to keep your core temperature nice and toasty.

Turn your bathroom into a steam room.

Start by turning your shower up as hot as it can possibly go. Let the steam wrap you up in a cloud of warmth.

Learn to knit.

For this you don’t actually need to knit a successful final product. Slowly wrap the world’s longest knitted scarf around you as you continue to knit bringing warmth to both your hands and your body.

Heat up your clothes.

First beg your mom to put money on your KnightCard so you can shove all your clothes and blankets into the dryer to heat them up before you put them on.

GoodWill Sweaters

Stock up on affordable, already-been-loved sweaters. You can grab one of each size to layer for additional warmth.





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