How Getting Out of a 2 Year Relationship Has Made Me a Happier Person

Coming into freshman year I was anxious and overwhelmed with all the changes happening in my life. I am a person that can easily adapt to change, but in my head I believed I needed something to remain constant during this time of chaos. That’s why I relied so much on my boyfriend at the time. I felt safe and comfortable having him. Don’t get me wrong he was an incredible guy and did so much for me, but college isn’t about being “comfortable.” It is about getting out of your comfort zone. It is about creating lifelong friendships, having your heartbroken by a fuckboy, crying over finals, and going a little too hard on weekends.

As hard as it was for me to let go of someone who made such an impact on my life, it was the best decision I could have made. I have spent my sophomore year single and let me tell you I am THRIVING. Yes, sometimes it’s sad not waking up to a good morning text or getting flowers sent to you on Valentine’s Day, but college is about finding yourself, how can you truly figure out the person you are when you have someone there guiding you?

Maybe my ex and old friends will say that I have changed, that I am not the same girl I was. I agree that I have changed, but I am HAPPY. I am no longer being held back from being that strong and independent person that I have longed to be. Once I stopped putting the happiness of others in front of my own is when I became so happy with my life. I am no longer spending three hours of my day FaceTiming my boyfriend, or texting every second. I no longer have to worry about what he does on weekends. I no longer have to drive three hours every other weekend to see him.

Because of this I have created such strong friendships. I have so much time to be surrounded by the people I love, my grades have improved tremendously because of the amount of time I put into my schoolwork, and I even feel more confident now that I am single. Now that I know I don’t need a guy to make me happy, I feel unstoppable.  Like a BAD A$$ B****.


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