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How to Get into the Thanksgiving Spirit

Now that Halloween is over, many people fall into what I like to call the ‘Christmas Vortex.’ While I too love the holiday season, I do not just skip the idea of Thanksgiving altogether. Call me a debby-downer but seems crazy to me that the day of the year centered around food and being grateful for what we have can be so easily ignored just for early Christmas music and food. Here are some ways to get into the Thanksgiving spirit!


1.     Fall scented candles and lotions

2.     Movie nights with fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate

  • May I suggest A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? (Or your favorite RomCom)

3.     Bake a pie

4.     Listen to Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song

5.     Get a fall seasonal coffee or drink

6.     Watch Thanksgiving episodes from TV shows you love!

7.     Make fall decorations

8.     Make a list of things you are thankful for


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