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HC Goes Global: Elis O’Donnell


Elis O’Donnell started the SMCVT chapter of Her Campus two years ago. This semester, however, she has taken a hiatus from her HC duties and gone on a European adventure for a semester abroad. She has been studying in Copenhagen, Denmark since January and absolutely loving it.


Q: What made you chose to study abroad?

A: I have always loved to travel but very rarely have the opportunity to. Also, being somewhere for so long you get to actually live the culture not just tour it.


Q: Why Copenhagen?

A: I thought Copenhagen would be a really cool place to go because I probably would not ever travel there otherwise. When I was picking where to go, I was thinking that someday I would eventually go to Italy or Ireland and the other more typical European countries but I probably would never plan a trip to Denmark.


Q: Have you traveled to other places in your time in Europe?

A: Yes! The main reason I chose to go to Europe rather than another continent was how easy it is to travel to other countries within it. I have been to Sweden, Germany, France and Ireland. Before the semester ends I will also travel to Poland and Prague. It has been so cool to see so many different countries and cultures.

Q: How did you manage to pack for four months?!?! A: It was really tough! Packing to go to school I can fill my entire Suburban with junk but for this I needed to squeeze everything into a suitcase and a carry on. I had to be way more cut throat with what I really needed. I was a little too cut throat with some stuff; I definitely underestimated how many pairs of socks I would need. And even though I felt like I did a good job not over packing, obviously closing my suitcase still took three people.


Q: Do you get homesick being so far away?

A: Honestly, not really. I am someone who misses home when I am at school but being here, even though I am so far away, I am having way too much fun to be homesick. Also, around half way through this semester was when I started to have a lot of visitors. In three consecutive weeks I had my parents and sisters, then one of my best friends, then five of my best friends and other sister all come see me. My boyfriend is coming next week too. Everyone’s spring breaks came right at the time that I was starting to miss them a lot.


Q: What is your biggest piece of advice to someone who wants to study abroad? A: My bank account has taken a really hard hit so definitely save up before you go. That being said, once you are there just do everything you can. Go to all different places and see everything. Even though it is expensive you should make the most of the opportunities to do everything since it is a once in a lifetime experience.


All of us at SMCVT HC are so happy to see our Elis thriving in Europe. That being said, we miss you!!!! Please don’t forget about us now that you are a cultured world traveler!!!! Come home soon, HCXO!


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